Wednesday, 7 September 2011

2012 The Blog not the Film

First off let me apologise for taking soo long to post a new blog, I wish I could say that I have been incredibly busy doing incredibly important and worthwhile things but alas no. What I have had though was a complete and utter lack of any and all inspiration, the inside of my brain has, for the past month or so resembled a stereotypical old school western desert scene, complete with tumble weeds and the sounds of an old bell mournfully chiming in the distance (if you want to picture vultures circling hungrily overhead please feel free to do so). Anyway enough of that, lets move swiftly on to the topic of this months rant about deeply insightful and thought provoking commentary on  recent events that have been delighting, terrifying and inspiring the mind of Dave. Christmas this last year was the usual orgy of turkey and family rows seasoned with having to work a night shift on Christmas night the combination of which conspired to make me feel about as full of Christmas cheer as the Grinch sitting on ant hill in the middle of a rainstorm. Still as no limbs were lost I can conclude that this past Christmas was probably one of the better ones especially as I didn't receive any socks or comedy festive woolly jumpers.
As for this  new years eve I decided to forgo the usual drunken debauchery in favour of a nice curry and some decent films and at the stroke of midnight I made my traditional new years resolution to not make a new years resolution I quickly realised however that by making such a resolution I had already broken the afore mentioned resolution that I was not going to make in the first place. however despite my miserable resolution making skills I was able the next morning to take solace in the fact that I was the only non hung over human being in the western hemisphere.
So a new year and 2012 no less seeing as the Mayans/Internet conspiracy theorists/crazy cat ladies have predicted that the world will end this coming December. I have decided to take up photography as a hobby which should ensure that I capture some cool photo's come Armageddon, not that anyone will be around to view them mind bet hey ho, one cant have everything. I have spent the past few months researching camera's and trying to learn some of the terminology and functions of my chosen camera to make sure that I bought one that would engage me as a rank armature and yet would still offer up a wealth of new possibilities once my abilities and confidence grows. I finely settled on a Canon eos 600D after reading all the rave reviews it had received on review sites and from reading testimonies from 600D owners. Happy that I had selected the camera that was right for me I merrily and eagerly skipped along to my local camera vendor to make my purchase and that's when things went a little downhill.
Upon attracting the attention of a till jockey and explaining which product I wished to purchase the conversation went a little like this
Shop keep: so why did you want to purchase this particular model sir?
Me: I like the twiddly thing on the back
shop keep: um.... OK what type of thing are you looking to shoot with the camera?
Me: pictures
Shop keep........yes...indeed sir but what kind of photo's are you looking to take?
Me: Nice ones.
By this point I was sweating profusely and was mentally praying to Thor to come smite me off of the face of the earth. Every single thing I had read about photography and all the studying I had done around the model of camera I was to purchase had completely disappeared from my mind I swiftly concluded my purchase and left the shop as quickly as I humanly could.

Well that's quite enough out of me for one day
until next time.

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  1. hehe I'm the same when it comes to camera lenses as there are so many types to choose from but you can get some good information about them on review sites and just looking at flickr and seeing what images inspire you,there is often information about what lenses were used ect. Keep up the photography, that is also my plan for 2012 too!