Thursday, 30 June 2011

Well That Was Nice While it Lasted

  Ahh there is nothing quite like the great British summer, what with the sun beating down and the almost tropical temperatures it makes you feel good to be alive. And I for one enjoyed all 12 hours of it on Monday. But now that we seem to have returned to the perpetual autumn that is the only true season us Brits get, I thought I would turn my attention to scribbling down some things that have been delighting me, boggling me and down right cheesing me off over the past few weeks. I hope you have your wellies and brolly at the ready for a stroll through the mindodave.
The first thing that cheesed me off this month was a new patent submitted by our Apple Overlords for a piece of technology which would effectively prevent an owner of a camera equipped Apple device from being able to take pictures or videos at certain locations that gave off a specific infrared light pattern a possible use for this technology could be to prevent fans from recording during a concert for instance. But why stop at concerts how about football matches and other sports events? Or more worrying if the technology caught on beyond Apple, it could mean that potentially public demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience could be censored too, also it begs the question of what if the technology fell into the hands of criminals? Imagine a robbery where all of a sudden every handheld electronic witness is suddenly struck blind leaving no physical record of the crime.  Now i don't know about you but I for one quite enjoy the fact that i am able to snap a photo or shoot some video on my phone at will and I frankly find the whole concept of being told what I can and cant take pictures of on my device quite disturbing. However it is not all doom and gloom you can read some of the pro's and cons for this Apple innovation here.
Something that made me smile this week was apparent proof that poltergeists do in fact exist. I was trawling through some old BBC news archives when i stumbled upon this under-reported gem. I mean seriously you would have thought that proof of ghostly goings on would have created a bit more of a stir in media circles! oh well perhaps some football player got his leg over  overshadowing all else that week.
Even more terrifying then ghosts and ghoulies I see the ultra conservative loon fringe of American politics have a new champion by the name of Michele Bachman as if Sarah Palin wasn't scary enough on her own. However unlike Sarah Palin who is lets face it only good for laughing at due to her almost paranormal ability to say the most stupid of things at the very worst possible time, Michele Bachman was a tax lawyer and a businesswoman she also seems to be able to keep a lid on the crazy ramblings side of things, unlike Sarah Palin. However she doesn't always get it right, like the time she stated that President Obama was un-American, and her limited grasp of American history which recently shone through dazzlingly when she stated that the opening shots of the revolutionary war were fired in New Hampshire when they were in fact fired in Massachusetts. Michele Bachman is certainly going to be one to watch as the pace builds for the next US presidential election not least because unlike Sarah Palin she is now a declared candidate. But why do I care who runs for for president in the US of A? Well the truth is America exerts a huge influence on the world as we know it, so the choice of president can severely alter the direction that influence takes. Some of the previous presidents in recent years most notably George dubya have caused dramatic changes in the world around us, the consequences of which will be felt for decades to come. And as imbecilic as ole dubya was, he was however frankly a model president in comparrison to the crop of ultra conservative's who hope to take their turn at the helm. The damage and mayhem that these fine folk could wreak in the world through popularist politics could be astronomical and the consequences of their actions could potentially be felt for generations to come.
On a completely different note someone i know bought a new fish this week, it was he assured me as he proudly held his shiny new fish up in its bag for me to admire a relative of the piranha but unlike piranha this particular specimen was apparently a vegetarian, and would happily co-exist with the other fish in his tank. Now I'm no fish expert but as i gazed upon his new aquatic acquisition I couldn't help noticing the rather large teeth that were poking out of its mouth, I dutifully pointed out my observation but he assured me that the pet shop had assured him that the fish was definitely a vegetarian and he happily left to introduce his new fish to its tank-mates. 10 minutes later the fellow received a call from the pet-shop who couldn't apologise enough as they had in fact sold him a red bellied piranha needless to say that by the following morning the tank contained one very fat piranha and very little else.
Well that's about it from me this month I hope you enjoyed your stroll through the damp corridors of the mindodave. Oh but before I leave you I am planning on quitting smoking over the next couple of weeks and I have been toying with the idea of documenting my progress through tweets and a separate blog maybe even throwing in some video footage what do you think dear readers? should I do it? and would you be interested in reading/watching my progress? let me know in the comments section.
Also I would like to thank debra madden for kindly allowing me to use her image at the top of the page if you would like to see more work by this talented artist (or maybe even buy some) why not take a stroll on over to her site which you can access here


  1. good luck on quitting smoking dave! let us know how you get on

  2. Good luck quitting! And is it wrong of me that the story about the Pirhana made me giggle a bit?

  3. Sounds almost like you're making a strong case to widen the boarders of the US of A to true world domination...... At least that way we might all get a say in who becomes President.........

    Mark J (not sure how I select a profile)

  4. PS nice blogging