Monday, 9 May 2011

Some Thoughts About Procrastination........I'll Write Them Down Later

As many of you know i am currently engaged within my second year of a psychology and sociology degree, for those that didn't you do now. I happen to find the subjects fascinating and insightful, and I absolutely love reading a smattering of the thousands of sociological and psychological studies that have been written over the years. But when it comes down to actually writing my own papers, well that's another thing entirely! I will literaly do anything to avoid making a start on an essay. Recently i kid you not i actually spent an entire hour clicking my toenails together whilst staring into space rather then muster up the required energy to raise my fingers to the keyboard. However once i had actually started typing (my toes were getting sore) the words began to flow and i started to regret my hour long toenail symphony. So why do i procrastinate if i later regret the time that i have wasted ? This website offers a fairly comprehensive explanation. But for me its the simple fact that having deadlines and thousands of words to write is stressful and thus unpleasant, on a lovely spring day when the sun is shining and nature is resplendent in its glorious display of life and beauty, the absolute last thing i want to do is sit inside my flat hunched over the laptop ignoring the wonders of nature outside of my window whilst trying to find a piece of research to back up a statement. When i could instead be sitting in my flat with the curtains shut blowing up radioactive mutants in Fallout.


  1. I'm with you on that. Even though I am an English major, I simply can't stand writing essays. If I have to do research first, forget about it. That is why I discovered that if I wait until the day before the paper is due, the words tend to fly off the tips of my fingers. The thought is that since I simply can not afford to put it off any longer, I have to do it, or I will fail my class, fail at college, and wind up living in a box behind McDonalds living off of the discarded trash. That's what works for me, anyway

  2. I hated having to do essays and testimonies... and soo glad i dont have to do it anymore hee hee