Monday, 16 May 2011 Far From Bliss

I consider myself to be a pretty laid back kind of guy, there's not much in my day to day life that has the ability to produce the kind of levels of steam from my ears that could power a small turbine, or make my blood boil furiously within my veins. Ignorance however is one of those things, it has a singular power to turn me from an otherwise chilled and generally nice guy into a snarling foaming at the mouth swamp creature from the abyss. However not all ignorant people have the power to trigger in me an almost physical tourettes urge to punch them in the face. As far as i can tell there seem to be two distinct types of ignorance in the world, there are those that are genuinely ignorant and a conversation with them may go something like this

Me: Hello Cletus what lovely weather were having clear blue Sky's and not a cloud in sight
Cletus: what do you mean clear BLUE sky? Sky's RED
Me:.........(facepalm) um Cletus i think you will find its BLUE
Cletus: Nope my wife/sister told me it was RED
Me: Oh i see, Cletus my fine fellow may i draw your gaze upwards for a moment
Cletus: Yup i reckons (looks up)
Cletus: Its Blue!!!!
Me: indeed lovely isn't it, well my fine fellow I'm glad we sorted that out I'm afraid i have to go now as your lesser spotted Norfolk Raccoon seems to be trying to mate with my shoe, Farewell Cletus.

This type of general ignorance is tolerable because when faced with some evidence our friend is able to make an informed opinion based upon the facts that are presented. General ignorance is purely a lack of knowledge that education and reason has the power to challenge. It is the second type of ignorance that makes my skin crawl, knowledge and reason are seemingly powerless against the solid wall of stupid that these willfully ignorant types construct around their pea sized brains, a conversation with such a person may go like this.

Me: Ah good day Mrs Cletus what an amazing coincidence it is to bump into you, i was not two minuets ago talking to your broth....uhum....husband, its a small world is it not?
Mrs Cletus: Yaaarp
Me: I was just reflecting upon the fine weather we are having today such beautiful clear BLUE skys and not a cloud in sight
Mrs Cletus: Sky's RED
Me: (facepalm) yes that does seem to be the general consensus today however i will have to insist that the sky is in fact BLUE
Mrs Cletus: Naarp its RED
Me: I must admit my dear I'm feeling a touch of deja vu, however may i draw your gaze skywards for just one moment?
Mrs Cletus: Naaarp!
Me: (scratches head) but if you would only indulge me for one moment i believe we can settle this matter quite quickly and to everyone's satisfaction
Mrs Cletus: Naaarp no need sky is RED
Me: But...
Mrs Cletus: NAAAARP!!!
Me: B...
Mrs Cletus: NARP NARP NARP ITS RED!!!!!!!
Me: ARRRRRRRGH FFS!!!! (kicks raccoon into low Earth orbit)

This type of ignorance is one i know only too well, i work with the homeless and i at times find myself bombarded with the opinions of the misinformed and willfully ignorant usually with such well researched and thought out comments such as 'Its there fault they choose to live that way' or 'why don't they just get a job'  and a hundred and one other stupid and thoughtless throw away comments which are just as moronic as the ones listed above. I have for a long time now stopped trying to reason with such people as to do so is frankly a waste of oxygen. They have their opinions and nothing short of a lobotomy is going to change them. So for my own peace of mind i just smile politely and make some excuse to get as far away from them as possible as quickly as possible.

I Hope you enjoyed today's rant and thank you for taking the time to wonder the corridors of the mindodave.

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  1. I'm with you 100%. Largely due to people being kind of stupid on a whole, I've decided to try to stay away from any job that might require me to deal with them. I have also developed a strategy when I do have to deal with people that has yet to fail me. Anytime I meet someone new, or have to help someone with something, I just assume they are mentally 12. It's not fair to them, but it makes the teaching/customer service transaction go so much smoother when you talk to them like a child.